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Why Counselling?

I think it's normal for everyone to feel like they might benefit from counselling at some stage in their life. Sometimes things get a bit too much leading to us feeling a bit lost, anxious or generally 'flat' - I've definitely felt that way in the past. Sometimes we need someone on the outside to listen and help us navigate our thoughts.

What is Counselling?

As a counsellor, I'm trained to listen to you and provide space to explore your feelings. Counselling will be different for everyone (because no two people are the same, and every client-counsellor relationship is unique!); you might need to feel heard, you might be struggling to make sense of your thoughts and feelings, you may wish to explore your personality and get to know yourself better. 

It's also pretty common to not know what the problem is, and just know that you don't quite feel yourself, and that's fine too! Our first task together will be to figure out what might make things a bit better for you; the great thing about counselling is that I won't give you any advice but will help you to find your own answers. I often think that essentially, counselling is to help you make a change, so if you want to change something but don't know where to start, that's the first thing that we can work out together. If you know what changes you're trying to make then that's absolutely fine too!

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Important Information & Fees

To begin with, I would recommend that counselling takes place every week - the sessions that I offer are one hour. It is important that both the client and counsellor are committed to the work in order to get the most out of it.

Sessions cost £55; I offer reduced cost sessions to trainee counsellors, and am happy to point you in the direction of a more affordable service if required. I want you to find a counsellor that suits you, even if that's not me!

No GP or NHS referral is required - I work privately, meaning that we can start working together ASAP.

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